Reverend Reversed

Scripted words, pen made of gold

Yearns for greatness and lips to be bold,

Lead, design, plan and devote

Believes he holds a song, a beautiful note

Humble in approach, a posture to grow

Pen and paper in hand, mind open to know

Kings invest, and coaches impart

But do they really know what lies in his heart?

He strives and toils, and hustles and slogs

Everyone sees, he’s working hard as a dog

The sweat looks clean, presentation pristine

Look closer, not everything is what it seems

He’s got to let up and let in

Ease up, back up and trust Him

The Holy Ghost who rewrites all plots

New songs, new minds, new lots

Gifted words, heart made of gold

Yearns for Christ and His story be told

Serve, give and devote

Heaven’s tune, living out every note

Humble in approach, a posture to grow

Knees on the floor, it’s no longer a show

He still grapples and struggles, he’s in the fight

Now it’s his family who will see the light

Life is not about the call it’s not about the post

Does he reflect Jesus to his family the most?

Changed and transformed, no longer rehearsed

This is the reverend who has been reversed