11 Reasons Why My Wife Is Awesome

1.  My wife is American, I’m Mexican – Hello Green Card! Just kidding, I was born in the states, but our bi-racial relationship is difficult at times.

2.  She has carried 2 of those crazy things we call children for chunks of her life and now is currently carrying another.

3.  Both my boys somewhat resemble their father in looks (poor things; big head and big butt), but they definitely have her joy and charisma.

4.  She is a hard working lady and doesn’t complain when I fake sleep when the boys wake up wanting to be fed.

5.  Laura is a Nazi-Couponer; she saves us money on groceries and works hard to feed us well (clean and lean meals).

6.  Laura is a running machine, she inspires me to take care of myself and stay healthy.

7.  She is very funny! Non-stop joke machine, I love her goofiness and how she freely expresses herself.

8.  She has a killer voice!  Confession, when I was a kid I had a crush on the nanny from ‘The Sound of Music.’ When I met Laura, ‘The Hills Were Alive!’ I love when she sings around the house!

9.  She has a high value in loyalty, while having a low standard in men (refer to #2 – #3).

10. She is not high maintenance. The girl likes to get out and hike and camp and has even helped me dig out septic systems while in foreign countries on missions trips for our church.

11. The most important thing that is Awesome about my wife is her love for Jesus! She is in constant pursuit of Him, I know that is where all the other things flow from. That’s where she gets her joy, hope, grace and ability to love the way she loves.

Laura, You’re Awesome!!