In my time of prayer today, I’m simply reminded to be AUDACIOUS!

I think this is for all who believe in Christ, to be audacious!

Audacious Faith – That the God of the universe, the God who loves you personally has the power to do anything!

Audacious Prayer – Because He is capable of anything, we can pray about everything we are incapable of, Dream Big, pray audacious and fervent prayers. Audacious faith and prayer spurs on Audacious Courage.

Audacious Courage – Allows us to see the impossible become possible, not because of our ability, but because we are confident in God’s ability. That kind of courage allows us to Love deeply, serve courageously and give generously

Audacious Love – Is always manifested in what we DO. Allow that fervent prayer add fuel to your love for others and how you serve and give to others.

Audacious Serving – It’s one thing to open a door for a person, its another thing to sell you car and give to someone in need.

When we start living Audacious lives, we can’t out-love, outlive, out-give, out-serve, out-do what God does through us. He will continue to provide for you, add to your faith, your strength, your vision, passion, and action. Try being audacious in your faith and prayer. He will transform you. I dare you!


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