Talking With Your Hands And The Angry Guy At the Grocery Line

I just got home from our ‘LifeGroup’ (its a smorgasbord of people, different walks of life, sharing life together, building community, centered on Christ and making a difference). A few things happened there tonight, I have to share.

  1. A Man Was Honest.
  2. Women Cried.
  3. We all Laughed.
  4. We Can’t Wait to See What Happens Next

Good thing these things didn’t happen subsequent from one another.

We’ve been talking about the Holy Spirit the last four weeks, and tonight’s session we asked the question ‘Why Do You Want Him?” (the Holy Spirit, He’s a person not a force). The purpose for tonight was to honestly ponder that question, so many people want to treat God as a genie in a bottle and not as who He truly is, the Creator of the Universe, the Lover of our Souls and the Perfecter of our Faith, to name just a few. But God has much more for us, He wants a continual dialog with us, a relationship, courtship, full on surrender to Him and His will. Allowing us to be empowered by the Spirit to do some cool stuff.

Tonight, something cool happened.

A Man Was Honest

A man risked it and shared openly about the pain we had caused him (we [the men] forgot about him, during a tough time), needless to say, he almost left our ‘church’. I am so thankful he didn’t. God used him powerfully tonight to show us (the men) how to not just have convenient friendships. ‘If it benefits me, I’ll be there for you!’

Women Cried

On the other side of the room we could hear sporadic moments of sorrow and crying from the women who sat on the floor sharing and praying. I don’t know the details of what was spoken. But I believe the Holy Spirit orchestrated the same thing for the women as He did for the men. Women shared, sadness seen and heard and listened.

Here’s what I think we learned:

  • Through listening to another’s pain and being able to sit there with them (not necessarily having answers), just existing with them in their pain… that person begins to heal. THIS IS HUGE!!
  • As these people begin to heal together momentum begins to happen and the family of God will grow. “I was transformed because of what God did through this group of people!!” “COME AND SEE!”
  • Community is defined by something much more eternal than a group gathering to talk about hummus and TO’s deal with the Hawks. God exists in community; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because He is, so are we!

We All Laughed

It’s not just about the cry tests. Powerful, but we are not there to feel sorry for ourselves or to dwell solely on our past. So we laugh with one another and enjoy each other’s company. It’s so life-giving. The Spirit has a way of allowing us to be passionate about Him in a way that it brings glory to Jesus in so many ways, even if it makes us talk with our hands and hug people. THAT’S SO AWESOME!

We Can’t Wait To See What Happens Next

Not just next week, but next month and next year and next time I’m in line at the grocery store and the guy in front of me is angry at life and the Holy Spirit prompts me to pray for him and his family instead of judge him for his outward actions.

ps. there are some inside jokes here that you’d know if you were with us the last few weeks.


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