Enemy BFF

1 Samuel 27 – David chooses to bed in the land of his people’s enemy, Philistine country. This decision comes from a fear of safety from the hand of Saul. His actions cause David and his men to become obligated to do things out of sync with their faith.


A. David chose his safety from Saul to be with his country’s enemy, minimizing God’s strength.

B. Through the process he compromised his truest character and purpose in life, king over Israel.

C. In his venture to seek safety over God’s will, David was contracted to commit actions that betrayed his character and reputation. (v. 11, 12)


A. For us, even when faced with an endless opposition such as David faced with Saul, we are challenged to stay true to God and His Word, maintaining faith that He will not leave us or forsake us.

James 4:4 says “Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.” 

[This isn’t saying to unfriend everyone on Facebook who doesn’t go to church with you]. This means that in order to protect yourself, we don’t behave in ways that contradict our faith. We remain faithful that He is in control and knows the way for us.

B. We learn from David’s actions that even the greatest men and women of God sometimes make mistakes, but because of God’s great grace and promises, He still restores His people; reconciles and redeems us. Let’s continue to pursue this God of mercy and granter of life and purpose! 


Thank you Jesus that you restore and redeem, thank you for your sacrifice on the cross and thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to guide us and protect us and strengthen us through great peril. Help us to honor you in all we say, think and do even when we cannot see all that you see and even when faced with circumstances that look too big for us to handle. Amen.


Friendship Is Thicker Than Blood?

1 Samuel 20

Observations / Application

Saul is bent on killing David. He will stop at nothing to see this young man die, he knows its inevitable  that the throne will belong to him instead of his own son Jonathan.  But we see Jonathan’s heart and soul are tied together with David’s. A true friendship and bond, thicker than blood.

True Friends, they CAMP with you through life’s journey.  They form Covenants, Accountability, Live on Mission with you and Protect you. Take a closer look.

True Friends Are Covenantal (v.16)    Through thick and thin, this bond is strong, much a like a marriage. Refined by the fires of life and trials of sometimes violent discomfort. True friends stick it out and don’t allow circumstances or geography to come between the bond. Only upon betrayal do they forfeit that bond. It’s a trust through time that cements the covenant.

True Friends Are Accountable  (v. 4-5)   True friends keep each other accountable. Just like in protecting one another from dangers, part of that protection is helping that man become the man that he is called to be. If my bro fails in helping me stay accountable, he fails as a brother. Part of that accountability piece is the openness to receive correction from your friend. Being humble and open to receive from your friend how you might possibly be headed in a wrong direction.

True Friends Look At the Mission (v. 31)   True friendship is larger than life. It’s not simply about the bond between two people its about the mission they have been given to live out in this world. In David and Jonathan’s case, the mission is to preserve the promise of God to the nation of Israel – that David would be king and continue to carry out the bigger picture and promises given to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3)

True Friends Protect (v.2)    Jonathan will guard his friend from danger, even if it is his own father that brings danger. Friends don’t only protect from others causing danger. True friends protect us from the danger we can cause ourselves. They are truly in the details of your life and look out for our best interest despite our emotions or feelings. They tell it like it is, full of grace and truth. Just as Jesus would.

Looking at the life of Jesus, this is the kind of love we are to provide for those that we call brothers and sisters in the faith. To CAMP through life. As we CAMP together others will see this love and be attracted to it and thus given themselves to walk with Jesus and decide to CAMP with us as we grow.


Father, help me to be this kind of friend to other. Help me to continually choose carefully who becomes a Jonathan in my life, but also, help me Lord to be a Jonathan to a few others. We can’t do life without people like that in our lives; bring some men (I recognize Lord that there may be a few in my life already) in my life that I can CAMP with through out life. Amen.