Awkward Gains

Have you ever been hurt by someone and didn’t say anything?


Matthew 18:15 “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.”


Jesus is pro-confrentation. Not because He likes fights, but because He lives for true/authentic relationships! There is nothing better for a relationship than for healthy confrontation. Jesus is saying, ‘go tell him his fault’, ‘go tell him how you’ve been hurt’.

Our culture says ‘No, I don’t want the drama. I’ll just let it go.’ But do we just let it go? Pretty soon, you’re telling your mama and the she tells everyone and drama spreads from your mama!

Or you don’t say anything, but you end up placing a wedge between you and the other person and sooner or later you’ll find yourselves drifting and other person may have no clue that they hurt you. [Sad thing is, they may know they hurt you, but since you didn’t say anything you loose credibility with them (not that it matters because, they’re punks for not apologizing for wronging you)]

Jesus, on the other hand, He says that if you confront that person and he listens, then you will gain a brother. A more real relationship happens. Borne through the process of forgiveness and understanding, humility and acceptance. Awkward Gains.

Let’s go for the Awkward Gain! If they don’t listen, then you know where they stand, and they know where you stand with them. No more pretending or acting like everything is ok.


Jesus, help me to pursue those awkward gains as they arise. Give me courage to confront in loving way, that I may gain a brother. This ultimately reflects You, thank You for Your example and Way. Amen.